We Don't Do Shout Outs...
By Deborah Johnson © 2009

But, if we did....

... we would take this time to thank all of you, our Jazz Gospel Central readers and supporters. You have helped to make this labor of love a fast-growing success. The best is yet to come, so continue with your comments, endorsements, ads, and your referrals. Tell all your friends about us and have them sign up to receive the good news of Jazz Gospel Central. Remember, Jazz Gospel Central is"Where The Love Of True Music Lives."

We Don't Do Shout Outs...

... but, we hope you had a great Easter celebration. We give thanks, glory and honor to God for His ultimate gift - the sacrifice of his Son, Jesus Christ. It is because of that act that we live, breathe and have our being and have a right to eternal life. What can we do to honor God for loving us this much? Give our lives and our all and all to Him. Serve Him and serve those in our communities. We may be the only Bible that someone sees. So, give a "Shout Out," if you will, to brighten somebody's day. Share your faith, share your love. Remember, what Christ did for you.

... but to all the mothers ( ssh , don't tell anyone), a big "Shout Out" to you. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. Thank you for all that you've done and all that you do. Thank you for your love and many sacrifices.

Finally, to all the radio announcers and radio stations who support Gospel-Jazz, Inspirational Gospel, Instrumental Gospel, and all things music. This one is for you!!!

We Don't Do Shout Outs...

... but, it's hard not to during Black History Month. So, to those who fought and stood for their rights, so that we could have rights. To those who gave their lives, so that we could live and enjoy our lives. To those whose shoulders we now stand on - proud and tall - able to say, "Yes, we can" and "Yes, we did," we pay homage and give a huge "Shout Out." I think it's important to note here, also, that it was music that has carried us through over the years. Whether it was a Negro spiritual, the Blues, Jazz, a hymn, a Gospel song, Praise and Worship, music has been the balm in our most troubled and joyous times. From the days of slavery (remember, "Steal Away," "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot," which had hidden lyrics referring to the Underground Railroad); to the songs of Thomas Dorsey ("Take My Hand, Precious Lord"), Mahalia Jackson, the Fisk Jubilee Singers ("There's A Great Camp Meeting"), Albertina Walker and The Caravans, James Cleveland ("I Don't Feel No Ways Tired"), Shirley Caesar, Edwin Hawkins ("Oh, Happy Day"); to Kirk Franklin, Hezekiah Walker, Richard Smallwood ("I'll Trust You"), Tye Tribbett... and the list goes on and on. JGC wants to give a resounding shout out and thank you for inspiring, encouraging, and lifting us through your music.

Finally, we could not let this opportunity go by without a victorious SHOUT OUT to our 44 th President BARACK OBAMA . You make all of us proud to be Americans!

We Don't Do Shout Outs...

... but if we did, we'd send a big shout out to Tony Smith . Tony is a real friend to the Gospel-Jazz community. He hosts a radio show, Gospel Jazzations , on radio station WFDU 89.1 FM, in Teaneck, NJ. Gospel Jazzations is a program that specializes in the instrumental side of gospel music. It is the only program in the NYC metropolitan area, and also streams live on the web, that plays over four hours of inspirational jazz. Tony, an awesome musician in his own right, has nearly 30 years of experience playing the saxophone and has released projects of his own. Log on to his website for more information (www.tonysmith.com). Stay tuned for a JGC interview with Tony in future editions.

Thank You...

... is not enough, but, "THANK YOU" to the men and women of our armed forces who have sacrificed, some their very lives, for our freedom. The love that they exemplify for our country is appreciated by all. Let's continue to keep them in our thoughts and prayers and believe God for bringing a "soon" resolution to all the conflicts that are going on in the world today. Your fight is not in vain. It has helped to effect a season of change, and JGC sends...


To President-Elect, BARACK OBAMA . What an exciting time for America and the world! What a legacy for our children! Mr. Obama has shown us that with prayer, perseverance and focus we can realize our dreams and reach our goals. Well done to those in the music industry who played a great part in this victory. We prayed, we sang, we played our instruments; we gave our time and our finances. We came together - all of us - Gospel, Christian, Jazz, Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Country. Our mantra was "Yes, we can." Our Barak (Praise) is "Yes, we did!!!"

As We Celebrate the Holiday Season

We give thanks for all God has done, is doing, and has promised to do. We encourage you to spend time with your family, friends, and loved ones and celebrate each other. Give thanks to God for each other. During the Christmas season, remember, one simple thing - Jesus is the reason for the season - and celebrate His birth, death, resurrection, and soon coming return.

We, at JGC, thank you very much for your support of this God-given vision. Thank you for the emails, phone calls, and well wishes. The "Gospel" is good news. Gospel Jazz is good news music. We hope that you will continue with us, keep us in your prayers, and support not just this style of music, but ALL music.

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