By Andrea R. Williams © 2009

It is not surprising that many churches seeking to include Jazz musical styling within their Sunday morning services have been met with resistance by church members holding to a more traditional worship setting. However, JGC has found that some churches are stepping out of their historical paradigm to embrace contemporary music as a means of outreach--not only to the unsaved, but also to area Christian musicians and parishioners alike who are fans of the Gospel Jazz genre. One such church is Florida Avenue Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. The pastor, Rev. Dr. Earl D. Trent, Jr., decided over 10 years ago to provide Christian Jazz musicians and artists with the opportunity to minister within his church walls. Still going strong, the last Sunday of each month at 5PM has been dubbed "Mo Than Jazz". The monthly event showcases local Gospel Jazz talent. For those in the Washington, D.C. area, Florida Avenue Baptist Church is located at 623 Florida Avenue in Northwest, D.C.

Be on the lookout for an upcoming JGC article on "Mo Than Jazz" featuring our in-depth interview with Dr. Trent.