By Terrence Richburg

Imagine a station where paths converge to allow for something mature yet brilliantly new and exciting--something vastly unique born out of a sense of struggle and time-tested tradition and dedication. Jazz Gospel Central is about a sound and an experience that is never boring, but continually growing. It inspires levels of consciousness within you to resonate with a sense of spirituality and eternal purpose. This brand new website will bring you to our "Central" station where you can meet and learn about Jazz, Gospel and Gospel Jazz artists, musicians, their music, their events, their stylistic techniques, their motivation, and even how to play and sing like them, and more.

Jazz Gospel Central or JGC is about creating and providing an online venue, a meeting place and an atmosphere where there is a true voice and advocate for those gifted artists who are spiritually based and expressive of their musical gift--a gift which tends to be a little different from what is currently in the popular mainstream. JGC is for those who can appreciate true music born out of the heart of musicians and singers seeking to express real musicianship and artistic tastes in jazz and gospel flavors.

We live in an incredible world created and blessed by an awesome God who has imparted amazing diversity, gifts and talents for us all to develop, share and enjoy. Yet, in today's vast music industry the financial machine that overwhelmingly supports and promotes selected types of popular music has often deprived our culture from experiencing the totality of God's true musical blessing. I've wondered what it would be like if each innovative style of musical expression had been given the same "deep pocket" advantage--what eternal gems of tonal majesty would touch the essence of the human heart.

The new "kid on the block"--Gospel Jazz or Inspirational Jazz does not enjoy wide appeal due to inadequate exposure and promotion. This stylistic hybrid marries elements from vocal and instrumental Jazz, Gospel and Inspirational music to form an extraordinary blend and rare breed of artistic expression that reaches depths of the soul with good news messages and encouragement. It touches the human spirit with the incredible wonder of tonal freedom, unspoken improvisational nuances, and God-inspired arrays manifested through human creativity.

It has been my long-time dream to bring to the forefront these powerful elements of musical revelation or at least introduce these countless treasures of incredible talent and musical genius. Gospel Jazz goes unnoticed because of the overpowering voice of the major players in the music industry of today. However, "Jazz Gospel Central brings you to the station where the life of new music comes together and where the love of true music lives."

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